Cleaning and Care
Cleaning & Care

»My pond deserves this.« Cleaning and care

The quality of the pond water is the most important basis for the biological balance in the entire biotope. Surface skimmers and pond vacuums remove leaves and excess sediments on the pond floor and thus ensure minimisation of nutrient input and excessive silt, in which phosphates and pathogens can accumulate. In this case the clever products from the AquaActiv pond care product range give your pond the direct support that is required for stable water values and a clear view.


Healthy pond water
Whoever wants to know what the water quality is like in his pond will find the OASE Water Test Sets at specialised dealers. You can have your water sample tested on site by OASE AquaActiv partners, they will also recommend suitable care products.

Pond Vacuum Cleaner

With your Pondovac pond cleaner vacuum you can quickly and easily remove a variety of debris from your pond, thanks to the supplied nozzles many different applications are possible.



If debris is input via the surface of the pond then it's time to clean up – so that contaminants in the pond haven't got a chance and that leaves as well as other solids don't drop to the pond floor and contaminate the pond water.


Water care products & Water analysis

From the outside, we can only see what is happening in the bio-system of the garden pond when it is almost too late. The clever pond owner acts early: with a few regular activities, he keeps an eye on the quality of the water.


Fish medicine

With the OASE fish medicine you support your pond inhabitants to recover if there is disease or new stock in the water. Competent, reliable and highly effective; the products ensure the health and well-being of your fish. products

Assistive devices

Useful pond helpers. For relaxed trimming tasks in and around the garden pond.