»More time to enjoy.« Filter systems for clear water

A pond offers a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna - a complex ecosystem that wants to be preserved. A filter system that is optimally matched in this regard ensures clear water, guaranteed.

Basically a filter system consists of a filter pump for feeding the filter, a pond filter that ensures biological-mechanical cleaning, and a UVC clarifier to eliminate suspended algae and pathogens.

Pressure filters are suitable for small and medium-sized ponds. They can be recessed into the ground to 2/3 of their height and if necessary they can also feed a higher positioned watercourse because the pump pressure in the closed filter chamber remains intact.

Flow-through filters are used for medium-sized to large ponds or koi ponds. They stand above the water surface at the edge of the pond or above a watercourse, and from this point the water flows back into the pond under gravity.

An underwater filter is ideal for ponds and decorative pools. It is suitable for pre-formed pools with volumes up to 5000 litres and has an integrated water feature. A UVC clarifier that is matched to the filter is important for all pond types: The UV light eliminates suspended algae, bacteria and pathogens and consequently it is indispensable for clear pond water.


Be patient
Important microorganisms that biologically clean the water settle on the sponges of the pond filters. These micro-organisms feed on minute particles that we perceive as debris - a new or recently cleaned filter only attains its full performance capacity gradually; the microbiology must first establish itself. To accelerate this process always add BioKick starter bacteria. In addition ensure that there is additional oxygen - for example with an AquaOxy pond aerator.

Flow Through Filters

The key is in the name: A flow-through filter is fed by the pump in the water. The filter is the highest point in this cleaning cycle; from this point the water then flows back into the pond.


Pressure Filters

As opposed to flow-through filters, pressure filters route the pump pressure through the filter. They can also be used below the surface level of the water.



Clear and healthy water ensures undisturbed pond enjoyment. But what happens when suspended algae or other sources of turbidity turn the water green and thus lessen the enjoyment of the garden pond?


Pond Aeration