New products 2014

Innovative new products - 2014 »Lust for life – enjoyment of the water garden«

Water - our elixir for life. Where it flows or bubbles, it awakes the joy of life. You feel this particularly in your own water garden. As a premium supplier for water garden products, OASE ensures that dreams take shape. We would like to present the widest range of possibilities for integrating - and enjoying water in your garden.

Filter- & Watercourse pumps

AquaMax Eco Classic: The completely redesigned, reliable and energy-efficient classic is the ideal partner for entry into the garden pond. Thanks to the energy-efficient OASE motors the all-rounders are state of the art. Now brand new: The even more powerful AquaMax Eco Classic 17500. to the product

AquaMax Eco Premium: This clever further development of the filter and watercourse pump now saves even more energy, at the same convincing flow rate. With patented frost protection to –20°C .Now brand new: The even more powerful AquaMax Eco Premium 20000 ! to the produc

Flow-through filters

BioSmart 18000 & BioSmart 36000: The combination of filter foam and integrated UVC clarifier ensures ideal filter capacities. Thanks to a bottom drain it is easy to clean and it is the ideal entry model. to the product

UVC clarifiers

Bitron Eco: The revolution among the UVC clarifiers with the highest level of efficiency thanks to an even longer water dwell time. Irradiation times are regulated automatically and thus energy costs are reduced by as much as 50%! The clever cleaning automation ensures permanent, intensive UV irradiation. to the product

Vitronic: The ideal entry to the world of UVC clarifiers. The algae pumped through the housing are safely eliminated. Thanks to the visual function check the status of the UVC bulb is always shown. to the product

Pond Aerators

AquaOxy 500: The classic among the aerators for ponds up to 50 m³ or with a high fish stock. The perfect oxygen supply of the entire pond. In the summer season it can be set up completely independently of the weather. to the product

Illumination & power

LunAqua 3 LED: Finally the classic LunAqua 3 LED becomes an energy-saving favourite! This spotlight is appealing underwater and above the water surface with its unusual illumination range, thanks to 110 lumen - at a power consumption of just 3 watts! to the product

Waterfall Illumination: LED waterfall lighting – for stylish light accents in the evening. Easy to retrofit waterfall lighting. Pleasant warm-white light colour. It is also ideal as terrace or pond edge lighting. to the product

Pond Construction & Decoration

Pond plant accessories - PondEdge: With our new system you can effortlessly create pond edges as capillary barriers, as well as enclosures for flower beds or paving. Every 0.5 m, simply drive a ground stake firmly into the ground and then fasten the pond edge. to the product