BioPress Sets
BioPress Sets

Invisible helpers: BioPress Sets Solid pressure filter set with UVC and filter pump

Pressure filters are compact filters that can perform several tasks simultaneously. First, the water is pumped into the pressure filter by the filter pump, where the different filter foams clean the water. The clever feature is that a UVC clarifier, which additionally frees the water of germs, suspended algae, and substances that cause turbidity, is integrated in the cover. If the water is routed outside of the pond, then it can be used to feed smaller watercourses or water features, thanks to the continuous pressure.

Easy maintenance, thanks to the patented cleaning function integrated in the cover
This function makes it particularly easy for garden owners to “hide” the pressure filter. Pressure filters can be buried in the ground, even below the water level, and thus remain virtually invisible. In this regard, additional special advantages offered by pressure filters are the convenient cleaning and maintenance of the filter from the outside - it is not necessary to open the cover. Compact and effective with the proven OASE Clear Water Guarantee.

Virtually invisible
Only the cover remains visible, however, with a decorative rock cover it can be perfectly integrated in the water garden.

Cleaning handle
Easy cleaning via the cleaning function integrated in the cover.

Quick-release closure
For easy opening and closing of the filter when performing maintenance tasks.

Integrated UVC unit
The UVC unit integrated in the cover ensures fast elimination of algae and pathogens in the pond water.

Filter materials
Bio filter surfaces with the specially developed flow control, in addition to the filter foams, offer a supplemental settlement surface for microorganisms. They are able to move freely in the water flow.

BioPress Set 10000

Solid pressure filter with reliable filter performance and basic functions, incl. UVC technology, matching filter pump and hose. Suitable for ponds to 10 m³. learn more