BioSmart Sets

The effortless path to clear water BioSmart Set 18000: Flow-through filter, UVC & filter pump

A flow-through filter is fed by the pump in the water. The filter is the highest point in this cleaning cycle; from this point the water then flows back into the pond. Then the sponges in the interior of the filter take over the function of cleaning the water. After a period of time this is where industrious microorganisms form that decompose the excess nutrients in the water. The advantage of flow-through filters: They are easy to reach, they are above ground. Cleaning and maintenance are quickly executed. BioSmart Sets are perfect entry-level flow-through filter sets with UVC and filter pump. Guaranteed clear water through the combination of mechanical-biological cleaning and effective UVC technology.

Perfectly matched components

The combination of filter foam and integrated UVC clarifier ensures ideal filter capacities. Thanks to a bottom drain the BioSmart is easy to clean and it is the ideal entry model. The BioSmart Sets guarantee clear water through the ideal combination of filter pump and UVC technology. With the BioSmart Set 18000, the Vitronic UVC 18 W, OASE AquaMax Eco Classic 5500 and a 5 m 1½ are included in the scope of delivery!

Nitrification and de-nitrification zones
Toxic ammonia and nitrite are transformed into harmless end products, such as gaseous nitrogen, in the different foams.

Temperature display
The thermometer indicates the current water temperature at all times.

Maintenance is particularly easy
After activating the cleaning handle, the bottom drain can be opened and coarse debris can be discharged.

UVC unit
The UVC unit included in the set ensures rapid elimination of algae and pathogens.

BioSmart Set 18000

Entry-level flow-through filter sets with UVC and filter pump The OASE complete solutions with perfectly matched components. learn more