AquaActiv Water analysis Profi-Set

Item number: 50571


Product characteristics

  • Professional drop solutions for precise readings of all important pond parameters
  • Phosphate test incl. shelf life check solution
  • Incl. measurement accessories, colour charts, and useful application instructions
  • Delivered in a modern plastic case


Instruction manual:
Operating instructions water analysis Profi-Set
List of spare parts:
50571 Spare part list AquaActiv water analysis Profi-Set

Spare parts

Position Item no. Product name Number
1 50660 Refill pack nitrite/nitrate 1
2 50661 Refill pack phosphate 1
3 50662 Refill pack hardness/carbonate hardness 1
4 50663 Refill pack ammonium/ammonia 1
5 50664 Refill pack pH-value 1