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Serie LunAqua

»My pond becomes a luminous haven of tranquillity« Fascinating light and energy efficiency combined

When evening falls on the pond, the most beautiful time of day begins for many pond owners. They enjoy the special atmosphere as the day comes to an end, particularly when the underwater world in their own garden is evocatively illuminated. Increasingly they choose contemporary LED technology, which is characterised by an extremely long service life and high energy efficiency. With well-placed flood lights or spotlights, such as the OASE LunAqua series, trees and shrubbery can be highlighted and the garden can be made luminous.

LunAqua Terra LED

The high-quality recessed lighting fixtures can be used under water and above the water surface. Watercourses and gardens are pleasantly illuminated indirectly, while driveways and paths receive tranquil, dusky illumination. Modern LED technology offers flexible design and setup possibilities on terraces, paths, and it offers these possibilities with high energy efficiency and safe 12 V technology... To the product

  • Individual installation possibilities
    Pleasant warm light out of the ground for perfect evening atmosphere.

  • Minimal dimensions
    For example, the LunAqua Terra LED light fixture can be discretely installed in the ground without posing a stumbling hazard.

  • Installation complete set
    Installation is particularly easy thanks to the stainless steel clip for fastening in the 40 mm bore opening.

LunAqua 3 LED

Finally the classic LunAqua 3 becomes an energy-saving favourite! This spotlight is appealing underwater and above the water surface with its unusual illumination range, thanks to 110 lumen - with power consumption of just 3 watts! With the wide half peak angle of 30°, low bushes, shrubs and reeds are skilfully staged... To the product

»LunAqua Maxi LED«

The warm-white power LED with interchangeable lenses offers multifunctional implementation as a pond light fixture, wall light fixture or as an in-ground light fixture... To the product

»LunAqua Mini LED«

The compact LED light fixtures are ideal for illumination of fountains, ponds, and pond landscapes, as well as garden and terrace...
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