Pond care
Useful pond helpers

»Practical and effective« Clever helpers for cleaning and care!

Assuring the quality of your pond water is crucial for the overall biological balance. Through the year your pond experiences different development phases and in the process is subjected to a variety of changes. Plant remnants make the pond surface turbid and nutrient input in the pond allows algae to spread rapidly. The clever pond vacuums or skimmers remove course pollutants before they burden the water quality.


The floating skimmer powerfully cleans a pond surface of up to 50 m². Thanks to its whirlpool and aerator functions sedimentation on the pond floor is prevented and in addition, oxygen is introduced into the pond. The patented flap technology generates powerful suction and thus easily sucks up leaves and other surface debris. The accumulated debris can be easily removed by taking out the basket ...learn more


The stable skimmer reliably ensures clear water surfaces for ponds up to 40 m². It powerfully draws debris particles into a collection basket that can be easily removed for cleaning.
...learn more


The pro for the shallow water zone. Through its optimal water guidance it ensures effective suction performance for pond surfaces of up to 80 m². It is the perfect supplement for large filter systems ...learn more

FlexiCut 2 in 1

Regular care is important for healthy growth of pond plants. For this we recommend the new FlexiCut 2 in 1. It simultaneously cuts and firmly grasps, so that plant remains can be quickly removed from the pond. The adjustable head protects the pond liner from cuts and enables convenient work, even at locations that are difficult to access ...learn more


The fine mesh, robust and weather resistant pond net protects the pond from leaves. Thus silt-up of the pond floor and formation of fermentation gasses due to falling branches and leaves are prevented well in advance. ...learn more

Pond nets

The OASE pond tight-mesh nets are close at hand. They enable the pond enthusiast to remove everything that is not desired in the water paradise, safely and with dry feet from the bank of the pond. ...learn more