WaterFall Illumination
WaterFall Illumination

»WaterFall Illumination« For stylish light accents in the evening

As the shadows of twilight slowly fall in the garden, well thought-out light sources effectively stage the green refuge. This transformation is precisely the attraction of light in the garden. However, light still has a particularly appealing effect in combination with water; this is when veritable works of art often occur. Here, the OASE stainless steel waterfalls are genuine highlights. Whether as built-in waterfall, or in the complete set as stainless steel column, with the OASE Waterfall series you can give your fantasy free rein.

Light and water in perfection

The new Waterfall Illumination from OASE ensures that special touch in the evening hours; the LED waterfall illumination sets stylish light accents. The pleasant warm-white light emphasizes the contours of the water pattern and thus as the shadows of evening fall striking effects are produced.

Appealing water pattern
The light rail is placed at an optimal height in the waterfall and supports a harmonious water pattern.

Plastic carriage
The innovative plastic carriage in discrete grey enables easy retrofit of the waterfall lighting at any time.

LED technology
The warm-white, barely visible LEDs ensure pleasant lighting.

Waterfall Illumination

Easy to retrofit, waterfall lighting. The light strips can simply be slid into the waterfalls via plastic carriages, and thus they are virtually invisible. The warm-white LEDs ensure a pleasant cone of light that can be effectively integrated in every pond and terrace landscape...
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Waterfall Sets

Waterfalls of stainless steel: Stylish, expressive, timelessly beautiful! An absolute eye catcher for your garden, the terrace or your pond - the design objects from OASE... to the product

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