OASE Living Water

Akasya ShoppingMall

Project number FT-00425
Country Turkey
City/Region Istanbul
Description It is a famous shopping mall in Istanbul, the concept of this shopping mall like a ship. We made 7 pools: 5 moving pools, 1 lake including vertical jets and 1 pool with Musical fountain with laser system.
Cooperationpartner Duru Havuz
Year of completion 2014
 MG 0562  MG 0580  MG 0644
 MG 0729  MG 0811  MG 0902
 MG 1004  MG 1028  MG 1034
 MG 1068  MG 1086  MG 1095
 MG 1137  MG 1184  MG 1312
 MG 1339  MG 1357  MG 1376
 MG 1437  MG 1445  MG 1448
 MG 1453  MG 1463  MG 1480
 MG 1488  MG 1668  


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