OASE Living Water

IR Control Set

Top product characteristics

  • Controls up to six HighLine Premium LEDs simultaneously
  • With dimmer, colour selection and preset daily scenarios
  • The remote control is discreetly attached to the outside of the cabinet

Product details

Included in delivery:

Infrared receiver, remote control and Y adapter for connecting two LEDs. Required accessories: EAC transformer and a power adapter, where appropriate.

Different light colours:

Choose from three different daylight colours (warm white, neutral white, cold white) and two different moonlight intensities.

Daily scenarios:

Choose from one of four pre-programmed daily schedules: Community aquarium, Amazon, Malawi and Aquascaping tank – with and without moonlight


Effortlessly set the colours, brightness and lighting scenarios including daylight pattern
of up to two HighLine LEDs with the remote control. Reach of up to two meters, unbeatable price-performance ratio and space-saving design. Essential for operation: the EAC Transformer 120 W.

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