OASE Living Water

EAC Aquarium Controller

Item number: 33885

Top product characteristics

  • Modular system for simple control of the perfectly balanced aquarium
  • Operate the controller easily using the app
  • Regulate up to five EAC-compatible devices via the controller, e.g. HighLine Premium LEDs

Product characteristics

  • Five devices – one control system: Smart connection technology combines up to five Easy Aquarium Control (EAC) devices; additional devices can be integrated using a Y adapter
  • Quick to connect: Simplified controller connection: Use the standard WPS button on your modem to connect the controller to your home network in seconds
  • Includes a warning function: The controller lets you know before your underwater world gets out of balance, for instance if a streaming pump fails
  • Compact construction: With its wide range of functions, the modular system fits perfectly into the base cabinet of the HighLine aquariums
  • Smart system: Control devices easily via WiFi from the free app on your tablet or smartphone
  • iOS 12.0 (Apple) or Android version 5.0 or later is required to run the app on mobile devices.

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 194 x 124 x 60
Rated voltage 24 V / DC
Power consumption W 2
Number of cable inputs Units 1
Number of cable outputs Units 5
Net weight kg 0.38
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) <span class="CBPRINT"><span class="sternhochgestellt">*</span></span> Years 3 + 1
EAC-compatible Yes
Network capability Router
Item number 33885
EAN 4010052338859


WiFi connection:

Connects to your local network within seconds to control the aquarium technology via app.

With warning function:

The integrated warning function will notify you in good time before the aquarium's eco-system gets out of balance, e.g. if there is a blocked pump.