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Interzoo 2016

This had been our motto at this year’s Interzoo from 26.05 - 29.05.2016 where OASE introduced their new Indoor aquatic range in Nürnberg (Germany). The objective is to develop the OASE brand consistently and to attract new consumers to the brand. Two concepts are introduced to do so - the OASE Indoor Aquatics product line is aimed at technically-oriented aquarium enthusiasts, for whom operating convenience and innovative solutions in TOP quality are particularly important. The OASE biOrb product line includes compact lifestyle aquariums in a sophisticated modern design that can be set up and furnished easily, being particularly suitable for novice indoor aquatic hobbyists.

Both ranges are based on the concept approach ‘lifestyle - design - convenience'  

Of course, we have presented our water garden and drainage & irrigation assortments presented at the show.


… in Indoor Aquatics:

The HighLine aquariums: Pure design with no compromises
New directions in Indoor aquatics – this means modern contemporary aquarium design without visible technology, absolutely minimal cleaning effort and practical features that make living with an aquarium entirely uncomplicated.

The aquarium filters
In terms of clean water, filters are the most important helpers in your aquarium. They not only ensure sustainably clear water and thus a good view, they also ensure optimal living conditions for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

The OASE biOrb assortment
This simple idea is really the heart of a biOrb. The all-in-one kit means that your customer goes home with everything they need to get started. It’s easy and understandable which means they’ll soon be back for more. More decor, more fiters and more accessories.

… in Water & Garden:

ProfiClear Compact
Innovative compact drum filter of Proficlear Premium series. Cheap alternative for smaller waters, especially koi ponds to 20m³. Water flow in the pumped principle max. 12,500 l / h. Completely self-cleaning drum filter unit with fluidized bed process (Moving Bed System). High separation by depth filtration up to 80 microns, and a new Hel-X 13 filter media with significantly increased surface area.

AquaMax Eco Titanium 
The new highlight among OASE pumps. The first network capable gravity filter pump in its class perfect for large bodies of water with Koi. Powerful and energy efficient with up to 48,000 l / h. Controlled by innovative "Aquamax Eco Control". Patented "Seasonal Flow Control" (SFC) allows an additional 30% energy cost savings. Against dry running and blocking protects "Environmental Function Control" (EFC by OASE). Can dry or submerged operate.