Algal bloom in summer?

Prevention, elimination and sustainable care for a beautiful pond

Summer, sun, sunshine – and algal bloom in the garden pond. As much as we all enjoy summer and pleasant hours outside in the garden, it is certainly annoying when a green algae slick in the pond causes murky conditions and disturbs the view of fishes and plants. 

However with the suitable AquaActiv AlGo* products you can quickly remedy this situation.

They are effective against...

…incipient algae growth of all types of algae.

The active ingredient in ALGo Universal* unfolds its effect in the pond and it is taken up uniformly by all algae types. Thus the product even reaches areas of the pond that are difficult to access.

…string algae.

This type of algae prefers beautiful, clear ponds and usually grows in specific local areas. AlGo Direct* is used for selective treatment of these areas. The active agent is also suitable for use in swim ponds. 

...Suspended algae and other stubborn types of algae.

Sustainably prevent excess growth of suspended algae with AlGo Greenaway*. The product is the ideal supplement after a treatment with PondClear. AlGo Greenaway is also effective against slime algae or string algae.

...sustainable protection against algae

After an algae treatment, subsequent algae growth can be kept in check with AlGo Bio Protect. The product can also be used as a preventative measure in spring.

* Information valid for EU-Countries (in United Kingdom only AlGo Universal available). Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

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