AquaActiv Filter Starter

Starter cultures for full filter capacity

There are several preparations that must be made at the beginning of the pond season. The filter system can be placed in service again as soon as freezing temperatures are no longer expected. This is the time that OASE recommends using a filter starter from the AquaActiv product series in order to quickly and sustainably develop a stable filter biology.

These starter cultures, which are particularly easy to use, wake up the pond biology and enable the full capacity of the pond filter to develop within a very short time. The bacteria strains contained in the filter starter reliably and quickly break down decomposition products that are toxic for fish, such as ammonium and nitrate. Thus the fish in your pond survive the critical start of the season with health and vitality.


This dry culture with more than 10 million micro­orga­nisms/ml* is particularly easy to use and it is also excellently suited for redosing after a filter cleaning. It also offers fast help for acute pond problems because it starts to decompose ammo­nium and nitrite immediately. to the product

BioKick fresh:

This filter starter is a combination of dry cultures and nutrient solution. More than 1 billion microorganisms/ml* are activated right before the application by mixing the two components together. It is particularly suited for ponds with an existing, light fish stock. to the product

BioKick Premium:

The highly concentrated filter starter with more than 50 billion active microorganisms/ml* is provided as a liquid preparation. The starter bacteria packed in medical glass ampoules have a long shelf life and include the autotrophic bacteria strains that are so important for biodegradation of pollutants. It is ideal for heavily stressed ponds. Dosing is quite simple with the practical ampoule opener. to the product

* at the time of filling