WLAN-enabled garden outlet

The innovative highlight of the InScenio power management family

In April we introduced an EGC-compatible pond filter to you. However so that you can use EASY GARDEN CONTROL (EGC) for your garden and pond technology, you still need the heart: the InScenio FM MASTER WLAN EGC.

Can be controlled via WLAN: Download the app to the smart phone or tablet and network the garden outlet with your router – and get started! You will be informed of free-of-charge updates.

Connect end devices: Via the EGC connection bidirectional communication is established between the garden outlet and the EGC-compatible end devices. For all remote-controlled devices from OASE you can replace the remote control unit through your smart phone or tablet in combination with the InScenio FM-MASTER WLAN EGC.

In addition to the four end devices directly connected on the outlets, up to 10 additional OASE end devices can be integrated via EGC.

Here's how the InScenio FM-Master WLAN EGC works:

Click in the app to send a command to the InScenio FM MASTER WLAN EGC.

The InScenio FM-MASTER WLAN EGC relays the command to the appropriate end device.

Measured values of connected EGC-capable end devices are transmitted to the InScenio FM-MASTER WLAN EGC and displayed in the app.

Thus, for example, with a connected ProfiClear Premium EGC filter, simple values, such as the current water temperature and cleaning cycles, can already be checked today.

Starting in late summer 2017 you can connect the InScenio FM-MASTER WLAN EGC to the OASE Cloud and obtain detailed analyses concerning rinse water consumption, temperature curves or mobile information in the event of malfunctions. Thus you control and monitor your technology from anywhere in the world.

Click here for more information concerning technical product details.

Easy Garden Control:

Effective immediately the OASE EGC products can be monitored and controlled via app. Click here to learn precisely what EGC is and what new products are available.

Test it now!

For all those who want to take an advance look at the application interface of the OASE Cloud, OASE has prepared a demo version of the OASE Cloud web portal. Have fun!