A well-maintained pond

without any chemicals whatsoever

Season start, at last! Hopefully the pleasant warmth of the sun will again soon allow your garden pond to shine in all its beauty. Yet with the splendour of spring, a green algae slick can also propagate in your wellness oasis. Consequently, in good time for the start of the 2017 season, OASE is offering THE solution: The new water garden products PhosLess Flow 3000 and PhosLess Power Flow 3000.

Over the winter months phosphate increasingly accumulates in garden ponds. It forms an ideal breeding ground for algae, which grow rapidly in the spring and propagate through increased sunlight. It's not a pleasant sight and removal is a nuisance.

This is where the OASE PhosLess Flow cartridges come in. There are two variants. If your pond already has high phosphate values, PhosLess Flow 3000 is suitable for reduction. PhosLess Power Flow 3000 is used for low initial values. It succeeds in reducing the phosphate value of your pond to under 0.035 mg/l to prevent renewed algae growth. For a pond size of up to 75 m³, on average you can enjoy algae-free garden and swimming fun for an entire season long. Depending on the pond size and phosphate burden of the pond, multiple cartridges can be combined for an optimal result.


The new PhosLess Flow products are easy to use. They are delivered ready-to-use, and thanks to the flow-optimised cartridge design with 2" connections, they can be combined with off-the-shelf pumps, as well as with energy-saving pond pumps.

For the cartridges to function faultlessly, it is important that they be kept clean. Consequently, the basic prerequisite is a suitable filter system that frees the pond water from coarse debris and keeps the pond clear and healthy.

There are 3 installation possibilities in this regard:

  1. Integrate the PhosLess Flow products in your existing gravitation filter system or
  2. In your existing pressure filter system
  3. What happens if you cannot connect the PhosLess Flow cartridge directly to your filter system? No problem, in this case install PhosLess Flow in a separate filter circuit with the new OASE Secure Flow prefilter

Good to know:

What is safe for human beings can be harmful or even fatal for your sensitive pond inhabitants and plants. Consequently, you should only top up and replenish your pool with prefiltered tap water that is free of chlorine and heavy metals.

Now this is easily done with the OASE Dechlorinator, which you can connect to a conventional garden hose via a metal quick-release coupling. This special cartridge conditions tap water and makes it suitable for fish and plants. Incidentally – the Dechlorinator from OASE is also suitable for aquariums!

Online Laboratory

Would you like to know with precision how your pond and water values are doing? With the OASE QuickSticks 6 in 1 or the OASE Water Analysis Pro Set you can determine your water values. Enter the measured values in the OASE Online Laboratory, you will then obtain information as to whether the values are in the normal range, and what you can do should this not be the case. Try it now!