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New digital possibilities of filter control

New season, new possibilities: Are you already planning the first projects for your pond? This year some great innovations await you. Our filter systems ProfiClear Premium Compact EGC and ProfiClear Premium EGC are impressive with innovative filter technology, high capacity, and brand new: a smart control system

Through the connection to the new EASY GARDEN CONTROL system (EGC), effective immediately, you can also conveniently monitor and control your EGC-capable ProfiClear Premium filter systems from the sofa via app. Your advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum safety: The app informs you of faults and failures.
  • Maintain the overview: Easy query and check of consumption and temperature values.
  • Full control, regardless of where you are: With the connection to the OASE Cloud you control your networked pond technology from anywhere in the world and can conveniently call up information at any time. 

ProfiClear Premium EGC

Not only can you network the new version of the modular drum filter with EGC – OASE has also made refinements on the product itself. The most important innovations:

  • Safety: For the gravity-fed module, an additional sensor detects a failure of the pumps and reliably signals this situation via control display on the device or via EGC. 
  • Aesthetics: The required install height in the gravity-fed principle has been reduced by 2 cm. With an install height of just 11 cm above the water level there are virtually no limits to your design freedom.

The clever modular filter system:

The different filter modules can be individually adapted to the size of the pond and the fish stock. The Profi Clear Premium, in particular, is the ideal solution for koi ponds.

ProfiClear Premium Compact EGC

The ProfiClear Premium Compact EGC is, as the name indicates, a space-saving version of the ProfiClear Premium EGC, and it is predominantly suitable for medium-sized ponds up to 80 m³ and koi ponds up to 20 m³.

The ProfiClear Premium EGC's little brother consists of two chambers in which the smaller drum filter for automatic debris removal and the moving bed system as bio-stage, have already been integrated. 

All information and application videos concerning the modular filter system are provided here.

Why a drum filter?

The advantage of drum filters is an extremely fine sieve that filters the water of coarse debris, extending down to extremely fine particles 60 microns in size. The sieved-out debris particles are flushed out of the system with pond water through automatic triggering of the self-cleaning function. Thus the nutrient and pollutant burden of the overall pond system is considerably reduced. 

In addition, the microorganisms in the filter, which in the second step decompose nutrients and pollution from the pond water, are offloaded and do their work more efficiently. Thanks to the moving bed technology, the bio-stage also works with a self-cleaning function. Enjoy crystal clear water and an undisturbed view of your pond inhabitants, with virtually no manual cleaning effort required!


Effective immediately the OASE EGC products can be monitored and controlled via app. Via the FM-Master WLAN it is easy to connect the OASE EGC products to the home network and control them centrally. Moreover, starting in August 2017 there will be a free-of-charge update for additional digital features in conjunction with the OASE web portal. Thus you not only control your garden and pond technology regardless of location, you are also provided with extensive analyses regarding rinse water consumption, temperature gradients, or mobile information if there are operational disturbances.

Test it now!

For all those who want to take an advanced look at the application interface, OASE has prepared a demo version of the OASE Cloud web portal. Email and password are already preset – all you have to do is click "Login". 

Have fun!