OASE Living Water

Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Why does a Bitron have to be at least 2 m away from the pond? Would a shorter distance be harmful to the fish?
  2. After a filtration system has been installed, how long does it take for the filter bacteria to build up?
  3. Should a filtration system run 24 h or can I attach a timer to turn it off at certain times?
  4. How do I remove debris from the glass tube in the Bitron 25 filter?
  5. Is it possible to install the replacement bulb from the Bitron 25 in the Bitron 15?
  6. Are there formulas for calculating UV capacities relative to pond volume? And when should the UV bulb be replaced?
  7. How big should the filtration system be?
  8. Which type of filtration system is required?
  9. When should I implement a flow-through filter?
  10. When should I implement a pressure filter?
  11. How does a filter work?
  12. Why must a Bitron device be used?
  13. Does the Bitron device have to be mounted on the filter?
  14. Can the pressure line and the view glass be switched?
  15. Can I turn off the bulb in the Bitron clarifier?
  16. Can the period for optimal filter effect be shortened by adding Biokick starter?
  17. How is Biokick Filter Starter added to the pond?
  18. How much Biokick Filter Starter do I need?
  19. Should Biokick Filter Starter be added every year?
  20. Is the filtration system frost-proof?
  21. How come the filter only fills half-way with water when in operation?
  22. How does the pollution level display work for a filter?
  23. Why can’t I bury the Biotec filter?
  24. How often should the Bitron’s cleaning slider be activated?
  25. How often do filters need to be cleaned?
  26. How do I clean a filter?
  27. Where should a filter be setup?
  28. Can multiple filters be combined?
  29. How long does Pondlith work?
  30. How do I dispose of Pondlith?
  31. If I use OASE aqua activ, do I need a filter system?