OASE Living Water

Frequently Asked Questions


First step: item selection

There are four alternatives, to choose the desired item:

  1. item tree
  2. item search
  3. product independent pictures
  4. product independent search

Watch video "step1 choose articles"

Alternative 1: Item tree
Click through the item tree till the desired products, product lines or product groups. Mark the tick boxes of the items or product lines from which you want to download the pictures, documents, etc. If you click directly on the product you get to an overview where you can see which information are deposited for the respective product

Alternative 2: Item search
With the item search you are able to search after item numbers or item descriptions. The search results are indicated on the right side. Moreover there is the possibility to filter the search results by market segment, product group, product line or the year of the market launch. As well as in Alternative 1 you are able to mark the tick boxes to download files or to click directly on the product for further information.

Alternative 3: Product independent pictures
The OASE Image-pictures, for example, are provided for you behind this button.

Alternative 4: Product independent search
Here you can search for catchwords like e. g. “light”, “water”, etc. to download product independent pictures.

Before you start with the data selection (step 2) you have to activate the tick box of every item of which you want to download data (pictures, texts, etc.).