PondJet Eco

Application example: PondJet Eco with PondJet nozzle
PondJet Eco with Vulkan 37-2.5 K and Lighting Set RGB

Top product characteristics

  • Fountain pump that can be installed quickly and easily, thanks to the fountain aggregate with aeration effect
  • New, low energy consumption motor technology offers significant power savings
  • Switchable dynamic program for impressive fountains

Product details

Dynamic function

The dynamic function can be activated by a switch. Thus attractive water patterns with different fountain heights are produced. This function enables an average reduction in power consumption of 105 W.

Connection possibilities

The underwater transformer for the lighting set is available as an accessory.

PondJet nozzle

with G-1 thread, cover plate and plug. The 1" thread allows 25 mm / 1” fountain attachments to be attached on the multifunction nozzle of the PondJet.

Accessories: lighting sets and fountain attachments

The optional spotlight sets in white or colours illuminate the different water patterns in glorious light.


Thanks to the fast and uncomplicated installation, the PondJet is perfectly suited for short-term implementation, e.g. for events. With the dynamic function switched on, power consumption is up to 60% lower than the rating of the predecessor model, thanks to the new motor technology.

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