OASE Living Water

Preformed ponds Stonecor

Top product characteristics

  • Natural design of large lakes
  • Extremely robust, long service life
  • Easy installation with preformed pond zones

Product details

Tasteful variety

The World Lakes Collection offers the right preformed pond for every taste. From 1,000 litres to 2,500 litres water volume, from a simple form to complex designed plant and deep zones - the spectrum is as varied as the natural prototype. However all preformed ponds have one thing in common: They are really easy to install yourself.

Drainage recesses

Drainage recesses for better water circulation between plant zones and deep zones

Decor variation basalt

Near natural basalt look - for all who prefer the darker stone types.


Plants in and on the pond not only look nice, but they also offer their own contribution to maintaining the biological balance. Speak with your OASE stockist about the best planting ideas.

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