OASE Living Water

ProfiClear Premium XL Moving Bed

Available from 1st quarter 2020

Item number: 73367

Top product characteristics

  • Largest filter dimension for ponds up to 530 m³ (100 m³ for koi ponds)
  • XL Moving Beds for even higher levels of pollutant degradation
  • Size-optimised pump chambers — suitable for AquaMax Eco Titanium and Expert filter pumps as well as the new Bitron Premium series

Product characteristics

  • Mature, professional technology with more than three years of development time
  • Highly effective decomposition of pollutants and nutrients thanks to professional filter media in the fluidised bed process
  • Incl. 60 litres OASE PondPads
  • Alternatively with 100 liters Hel-X available. (Item no .: 76557)
  • Innovative and reliable product »Made in Germany«
  • Highly effective at breaking down pollutants and nutrients using purpose-designed filter media in the moving bed process (Moving Bed module)
  • Available from March 2020

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1330 x 875 x 820
Net weight kg 101.60
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) <span class="CBPRINT"><span class="sternhochgestellt">*</span></span> Years 2 + 1
Biological filter surface 5000.0
Biological filter surface protected 300.0
Material GRP Duroplast
Number of inlets Units 2
Inlet connections mm 180
Number of outlets Units 2
Outlet connections 180 mm
Sludge discharge connections DN 75
Min. flow rate l/h 25000
Max. flow rate l/h 66000
Connection to AquaOxy 4800, ProfiClear Premium DF-XL pump-fed EGC , ProfiClear Premium DF-XL gravity , ProfiClear Premium XL pump-fed drain module, ProfiClear Premium XL gravity-fed drain module
Installation height above water level cm 8.5
Type of use Gravity fed system, Pump fed system
Other Aeration pre-installed
Pollutant discharge incl. slide valve
Item number 73367
EAN 4010052733678
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) - years
Clear Water Guarantee
Automatic self-cleaning
Easily concealed filter
Suitable for swim ponds


ProfiClear Premium XL Gravity Fed

The Gravity Fed drum filter with intelligent self-cleaning functionality and 7 DN 110 ports integrates into your garden discreetly. It can reach a flow rate of up to 66,000 l/h.

Flow module Gravity Fed XL

Enlarged pump and UVC chamber for easy integration of AquaMax Eco Expert and AquaMax Eco Titanium filter pumps as well as the new Bitron Premium UVC clarifiers

Discharge module Gravity Fed XL

Greater flexibility in connection due to 5 x DN 110 and 4 x Tradux (2" ducts)

High-quality XL stainless steel drum

Mature, professional technology with more than three years of development time. High-quality stainless steel elements ensure a long service life

ProfiClear Premium XL Moving Bed

Highly effective breakdown of pollutants and nutrients using professional filter media (Oase PondPads) in a moving bed process

ProfiClear Premium XL pump fed

Drum filter with built-in emergency overflow for continuously safe operation. This drum filter reaches flow rates of up to 50,000 l/h.

Discharge module pump fed XL

This discharge module is finished off with a fixed bed filter (Oase ClearWave), ensuring optimal water clarity

Discharge module Pump Fed XL

Highest flexibility due to 5x DN 110 outputs. Built-in floor drain with high-quality slide valve

Spare parts

Position Item no. Product name Number
1 71759 ASM cover XL Moving Bed 1
2 77533 Spare mesh tube moving bed XL 1
3 42904 Hel-X 13 Biomedia 25 l 1
4 70425 Oval head screw Torx V2A ISO14583 M6x25 1
5 20609 Fiberplate DIN 7603 6 x 12 x 1 mm 1
6 35676 Strap grip PA black 1
7 72596 Perforated sheet outlet moving bed XL 1
8 77532 Spare connection air stone Moving Bed XL 1
10 17216 Airstone clamp bio filter 1
11 34784 Oval head screw Torx V2A DIN7981 4.8x22 1
12 76060 Air stone ProfiClear 200 x 50 mm 1
17 54964 ASM rubber bushing ID185 to 185 mm 1
18 72591 Container XL Moving bed 1
19 43756 Gasket mesh tube 2016 1
20 26987 Outlet 150/2 ProfiClear M 2 - M 5 1
21 70636 Spare drain DN75 XL 1
22 18448 Spare srews set drain DN75 Premium 1
23 33643 Mesh tube bracket XL 1
24 70428 Oval head screw Torx V2A ISO14585 6.3x32 1
25 76669 Cable holder drum filter screwable 12 mm 1