OASE Living Water

Protective pond fleece 400 g/m² / 2x50 m

Item number: 53199

Top product characteristics

  • Reliable: Protects against rocks and root penetration (except bamboo)
  • Uncomplicated: Easy to install and to process
  • Flexible: Ideally adapts to every pond shape

Product characteristics

  • Flexible, consequently easy to process
  • Material: PET synthetic fibre
  • Use as a protective layer between substrate and pond liner, avoids water loss due to liner damage
  • Distributes the point load in the pond over a larger surface
  • A million fold needling of the material guarantees maximum stability
  • Protects the pond liner against rocks and root penetration (except bamboo)

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W) m 50.00 x 2.00
Grammage g/m² 400
Roll weight kg 50.00
Core length m 2.00
Core inner diameter mm 76
Colour Grey
Item number 53199
EAN 4010052531991


Determine the fleece requirement

The size of the fleece is based on the depth and length of the pond.

Cut fleece to size

The flexible material can be easily cut to size with an off-the-shelf pair of scissors.

Lay out fleece

Finally, lay out the contours of the pond and ensure that the fleece carefully fills-out all curvatures and corners. The solid basis of your pond is finished.

Full coverage protection

When laying out, ensure that you line the entire pond with fleece, even extending beyond the edge of the pond.