SwimPond 32

Swim pond

Item number: 57144

Top product characteristics

  • Minimal space requirements; clarification ponds are not necessary
  • Carefully matched system components
  • Reduced operating costs compared to swimming pools

Product characteristics

  • Perfect system for your dream swim pond, including product and service package
  • Fixed complete price with secure cost calculation
  • Product package with tested pumps, filters, UVC and lighting technology, especially designed for SwimPonds
  • Service package with expert liner installation and hotline, as well as detailed, proven building constructions
  • Proven participation concept enables reduced investment through the customer's own efforts
  • Installation even where space is limited, as the OASE systems do not require clarification ponds
  • Expensive chemical cleaning additives are dispensed with through exploitation of the pond's self-cleaning processes
  • The high energy efficiency of the system reduces the operating costs relative to those associated with the classic Swimming pool
  • The technology for the modules can be integrated in the natural environment

Technical details