OASE Living Water

Jumping Jet Rainbow Star

installed in pebbles

The following materials are required:

  • 1 x OASE »Jumping Jet Rainbow Star Set«
    incl. control box and connection set
  • 1 x OASE »Jumping Jet Rainbow Star Extension Set«
  • 1 x OASE pump »Aquarius Universal 6000«
  • 1 x OASE garden power outlet »FM Master 3«
  • 1 x pond liner
  • 1 x cover e.g. grate/wood panel
  • 1 x elevation in the water e.g. bricks

This is how easy it is:

Step 1

At a suitable location in your garden dig a hole. Then line the hole with pond liner in such a manner that it runs slightly over the edge of the hole. Depending on the depth of the hole an elevation may be necessary before placing the »Rainbow Stars«; bricks are effective in this regard.

Step 2

Place the »Rainbow Stars« at the desired points. Select the maximum insert depth of the »Rainbow Stars« so that the water surface is below the water jet nozzles. Then place the pump in the hole as well and connect it to the »Rainbow Stars« via the hose ends. Fill the hole with water.

Step 3

Now connect the two »Rainbow Stars« to the external control unit.

Step 4

Make apertures for the »Rainbow Stars« in the cover and place them on the water surface.

Step 5

Now you can decorate the area around the »Rainbow Stars«. For this we recommend smaller, washed pebbles. Ensure that the pebbles do not fall through the cover. Align the »Rainbow Stars« as desired.

Step 6

Connect the pump to the power supply. Use the remote control to select one of the permanently stored programs and enjoy your water feature!