Our top fall/winter tips

Most warmly recommended for cold seasons

We have put together several tips for enjoyment of your water garden throughout the year, for the well-being of the fish and to ensure that the natural balance remains intact. Cleaning, aeration, ice prevention, winter-proof technology – our handy guide considers everything that ideally equips you and your pond for fall and winter.

Protect against silt

If leaves and debris sink from the surface to the pond floor, there is risk of the pond silting up. The SwimSkim skimmers keep everything clear, before silt occurs.

SwimSkim skimmers

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Keep leaves out

In autumn, leaves – and often branches as well – fall on the water surface, to the annoyance of pond owners. The AquaNet protects the pond surface, simply and effectively.

AquaNet pond nets
Profi Pond Net

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Keep the pond floor clean

Plant remains, algae and fish waste cause cloudiness and certainly lessen the enjoyment of the pond. Easily keep water and pond floor clean with the PondoVac pond and pool vacuum.

PondoVac pond and pool vacuum
AquaActiv SediFree

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Use winter-proof technology

Conventional technology must be stored where it is not subject to freezing temperatures. The new generation of winter-proof OASE AquaMax Eco pond pumps is totally different. It withstands even the harshest freezing conditions without complaint

AquaMax Eco pond pumps

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Keep your pond free of ice

To ensure that fish survive the cold in good health, a portion of the pond should always remain free of ice. The IceFree series does all the work, perfectly supplemented by the AquaOxy pond aeration pump.

IceFree series
Pond aerator pump – AquaOxy

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