OASE Living Water

ProNect Transition Box

Item number: 77880

Top product characteristics

  • Significantly easier installation and connection of the 24 V voltage and DMX lines through single wiring in the box; all other connections via OASE ProNect System
  • Allows looping of the DMX signal as well as the supply voltage and earthing cable
  • Custom integration into the OASE SplashKit

The ProNect Transition Box enables a time-saving, safe and convenient installation of all required 24V DC and DMX cable connections to the components of the OASE SplashKit. Only one single wiring is necessary in the ProNect Transition Box – the other connections are enabled simply via the plug connection of the OASE ProNect system. Advantages: The installation process significantly reduces the amount of work involved and reduces potential sources of error. During operation, the downtime required for maintenance and repair is reduced to a minimum thanks to the simple plug connection.


The ProNect Transition Box provides enough space for wiring and is designed for a wide range of cable cross-sections: Variable step nipples can be used to fit a wide variety of diameters. There is also space to install a second 24V DC supply cable, the earthing cable and a second DMX bus line. The position of the box provides a further advantage when it comes to installation and maintenance: For connection work, it can be attached to the top of the SplashCan and therefore enable convenient working. The delivery scope of the Transition Box includes a magnetic switch as a terminal resistor for marking the last bus node of the DMX line, as well as casting material for protection against moisture (IP68).

Product characteristics

  • Transition from individual 24V voltage and DMX lines to the ProNect connection system
  • Loop-through possible from: o the DMX bus by connecting two DMX lines o the supply voltage by connecting two 24V-DC cables incl. earthing cable
  • Magnetic switch included for setting the end resistance at the last bus node of the DMX line
  • Variable nipples allow the use of different cable cross-sections (6 mm–16 mm)
  • Supplied multiple grommet allows the use of single wires (4 mm–7 mm)
  • Supplied with a casting material for safe protection of the wiring
  • Overhead installation position of the box allows wiring in an ergonomic position
  • UL-certified

Technical data

Suitable for cable diameter mm 17
Number of terminals Units 12
Protection class IP 68
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 176 x 90 x 87
Material plastic
Net weight kg 1.10
Item number 77880
EAN 4010052778808

Technical details