OASE Living Water

Crane Dance

Country Singapore
City/Region Sentosa Island
Description "The Crane Dance is the attraction at Sentosa Island in Singapore. This unique water image shows two giant cranes that seem to dance with each other. The wings and their movement are represented by a large number of jets. In front of their breast the cranes have an LED screen where the beating heart can be seen.
Cooperation partner EDC, Tong on
Year of completion 2010



DSC 0535 DSC 0538 DSC 0539
DSC 0541 DSC 0542 DSC 0543
DSC 0544 DSC 0545 DSC 0546
DSC 0547 DSC 0548 DSC 0549
DSC 0550 DSC 0551 DSC 0552
DSC 0553 DSC 0556 DSC 0557
DSC 0558 DSC 0568 DSC 0570
DSC 0583 DSC 0584 DSC 0586


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