OASE Living Water

BioPlus Thermo 200

Item number: 42244

Top product characteristics

  • Complete set: Available with or without the integrated HeatUp adjustable heater – can also be retrofitted with the BioPlus – for undisturbed views of the underwater world
  • Integrated outlet nozzles: even surface movement, prevents formation of biofilm, enriches with oxygen
  • Particularly easy to clean as only the filter unit is removed

Product characteristics

  • Full power: The high volume of the filter sponges ensures effective mechanical and biological filtration. The fine optional filter fleece also filters out any remaining turbidity and keeps water crystal-clear
  • Optional: Includes HeatUp integrated adjustable heater with BioPlus Thermo – can also be retrofitted with BioPlus
  • EasyClean mechanism: Compact filter unit, which is easily removed for cleaning – the pump unit remains in place
  • Unobtrusive: Integrated adjustable outlet nozzles instead of bothersome outlet pipe
  • Economical: Extremely quiet and energy-saving pump
  • Practical: Suction holder for easy attachment in the aquarium corner

Technical data

Suitable for aquariums up to max. l 200
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 120 x 110 x 330
Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption filter + heater 7 + 200 W
Net weight kg 1.01
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) <span class="CBPRINT"><span class="sternhochgestellt">*</span></span> Years 3 + 1
Max. flow rate l/h 650
Max. head height, metres m 0.90
Filter volume l 0.7
Suitable for freshwater Yes
Suitable for saltwater Yes
Item number 42244
EAN 4010052422442


Filter media:

Filter foam can be removed on a modular basis – ideal for time-delayed, bacteria-friendly cleaning.

Easy cleaning:

The magnetic bracket makes it easy to remove and attach the filter cartridges.


Enjoy the flexibility of switching between outlet nozzles and a water outlet for an optimally coordinated surface movement.

Spare parts

Position Item no. Product name Number
1 42728 HeatUp 200 1
2 44949 Spare suction cup D30 1
3 45139 Spare set holder BioPlus 200 1
4 45135 Spare pump cover BioPlus 1
5 45142 Spare cover filter module BioPlus 1
6 45134 Spare rotor BioPlus 200 1
7 45141 Spare set filter module BioPlus 1
8 45263 Filter foam BioPlus 20ppi blue 1
9 45140 Spare set cover BioPlus 1
10 45136 Spare part spray bar BioPlus 1
11 46656 Filter foam BioPlus 30 ppi 1
12 45264 Filter fleece set BioPlus white 1