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biOrb AIR 60 black

Item number: 72557

Top product characteristics

  • An automated terrarium that offers hassle-free plant care
  • Can be filled with hard-to-maintain exotic plants
  • Now you can feel the benefit of seeing the natural world, indoors.

Product characteristics

  • Automatic terrarium for convenient plant care: Lighting, humidity, watering, and air circulation are automatically controlled
  • Suitable for sensitive, exotic plants and guaranteed easy to set up
  • biOrb AIR 60 comes with all the necessary technology and appropriate accessories.
  • Made of highly-resistant, clear acrylic
  • Unique and transformable through decoration variants
  • 24 V transformer and energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Location can be freely selected, biOrb AIR does not require natural daylight. Thanks to the biOrb Moonlight unit sunrise, daylight, sunset and night time can be simulated in an automated 24 hour cycle

Technical data

Volume in litres l 60
Dimensions (Ø x H) cm 5.1 x 57
Colour Black
Bulb type LED
Net weight kg 8.80
Guarantee <span class="CBPRINT"><span class="sternhochgestellt">*</span></span> Years 2
Item number 72557
EAN 822728725573


Plastic plate

A plastic plate for use in biOrb AIR.

Capillary mat

Attaching the capillary mat to the plastic plate. The green capillary mat is made of PP, PET and viscose. The traditional capillary mat enables excellent capillary effect from the water storage unit in the base.

Filter cartridge

The filter cartridge is located in the lid and must be replaced every six months.

Misting unit

The biOrb AIR reminds you to fill the automatic misting unit by flashing the lights. This will ensure regular and automatic misting of the plants. A starter supply of Humidimist is included in the scope of delivery.

Included in the scope of delivery


The BiOrb AIR matting insulates the coconut compost from the water reservoir and ensures that the plant roots receive the optimal amount of moisture.

biOrb AIR Plant scissors and tongs set

Plant scissors and plant tongs in a high-quality leather pouch


HumidiMist has been specifically formulated to contain the minimum quantity of electrolytes (dry filtrate residue) necessary to activate the sensor at low water levels. If normal water is used, you may end up accumulating various dissolved solids into the system. The high dissolved solids content is deposited on the inside of the terrarium, causing cloudiness, which cannot then be removed.

Coir Compost – Coconut fibre compost

Coconut shells (which are used to produce coconut fibre) are a waste product from the coconut industry. Coconut fibre mills buy this waste material from retailers and then crush the shells for various uses, such as doormats, animal bedding and nutrient media for plants

Filter cartridges

A reticulated, open cell polyurethane foam made from a polyether that has been pre-treated with activated carbon. Prevents stagnation and condensation by taking in, recirculating and returning fresh air to the outside through a replaceable carbon filter. The filter must be replaced every six months.


Our biOrb AIR is made from acrylic, giving you a clear view of your plants.


Technical details

Spare parts

Position Item no. Product name Number
1 46150 biOrb AIR Capillary matting 1
2 50423 biOrb replacement AIR 60 l support tray 1
3 50428 biOrb repl. AIR water level indicator 1
4 45550 biOrb replacement AIR transformer 1
7 46149 biOrb AIR Filter cartridge 1
8 50351 biOrb replacement AIR filter cover grey 1
9 72721 biOrb AIR Automatic misting unit new 1
10 76271 biOrb replacement lid with light black 1