biOrb Stackable rock ornament

Item number: 46124

Top Produkteigenschaften

  • Exclusive design of the renowned Samuel Baker
  • Detailed and high-quality workmanship
  • Easy to clean and quickly swapped out

Product characteristics

  • Fantastic sculpture for staging your household underwater theatre
  • Perfect for the decorative sheathing of the air tube, thanks to the opening on the bottom of the sculpture intended for this purpose
  • 360 degree model: nice to look at from all sides
  • Easy to clean and quickly removed, a new ambience consistently occurs
  • True-to-life, high-quality workmanship and firm stance
  • Exclusive design of the renowned Samuel Baker
  • A nature-inspired rock formation that is typical for the sea-floor
  • A visual highlight and uniformly robust
  • The combination with colourful flower balls provides a very nice contrast

Technical data

Abmessungen (L x B x H) cm 19 x 15 x 18
Geeignet für Süßwasser Yes
Geeignet für Meerwasser Yes
Nettogewicht kg 1.09
Passend für 1000174140
CUBE all
TUBE all
LIFE from 30
FLOW all
CLASSIC from 60
HALO only 60
Item number 46124
EAN 822728005743


Uncomplicated decoration

Ornament can be easily fitted over the air column and is thus easy to use, swap out and to clean.