Dreams of your own water garden can be quickly and professionally realised.

With the free OASE App, OASE offers the retail trade and landscaping contractors, as well as interested end consumers, a highly flexible, location-independent solution for clarification of important questions in all matters involving the water garden. Through the App OASE enables easy and in-depth entry into the topic of pond and water. Novices, as well as experienced pond owners profit from the advisor pages with many inspiring, demonstrative tips to browse through.

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The new OASE App is the mobile companion for pond owners and all who want to become pond owners. Pond planning on the tablet.

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The app offers numerous functions

The OASE App offers a lot of functions, which are amended by the Release 2.1. These are the highlights you can use: The pond planner contains also a Quick Planner. Many advisors are included to uniformly support novices as well as pros with even more advice and help. The overview pages help to find the various advisors more quickly. A video portal offers useful tips for constructing and caring for water gardens. Naturally, all new products are included in the app.

  • New products 2015
  • Simplified navigation with site map and pond overview
  • Pond planning tool with a pro function and a shortened novice function
  • Product comparison function
  • Integration of videos
  • Introduction of interactive special product pages
  • Improved power calculator to compare the power consumption of pumps
  • Spare parts and accessories for the product information
  • Efficiency classes for light fixtures
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