LunAqua Power LED XL

Top product characteristics

  • Perfect illumination for every lighting situation through 2 different colour temperatures and 4 selectable beam angles!
  • Flexible, extensible system that is suited for installation underwater and above water: The user decides!
  • Permanent safe underwater operation, thanks to robust underwater connection technology and 24 V DC low voltage

Product details

More design freedom

Perfect illumination underwater and above water – whether fountain, tree, hedge or shrubbery – different beam angles and colour temperatures enable adaptation to any illumination situation.

Watertight flexibility in the system

Can be used with LunAqua Power LED spotlights – thanks to robust underwater connection technology, even to a water depth of 4 m.

Powerful & efficient:

Depending on the colour temperature up to 1,350 lumen at just 15 W power consumption.

InScenio FM-Master EGC Home/Cloud

Thanks to innovative technology, it can be switched with smart phone or tablet via WiFi.

IP68 connection technology

Permanent safety, particularly for underwater use through IP 68 connection technology and 24 V DC low-voltage of the spotlights. Note: Standard regulations do not allow underwater use of the driver in swim ponds.


The maximum cable length between driver and light fixture should not exceed 45 m.

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