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Filling out this registration form gives you a 3-year OASE clear water guarantee . Your purchase price will be refunded if you verifiably do not achieve clear water within this period in spite of correct application.

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Print out the confirmation E-mail and keep it in a safe place. The Clear Water Guarantee is only valid in conjunction with this printout, a copy of the purchase receipt, which lists the original retail price, as well as a verifiably correct application of the OASE products.

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Clear Water Guarantee

Clear Water Guarantee conditions from OASE: 

OASE guarantees clear water in the pond to all purchasers of an OASE filter system, if the system is used properly in accordance with the selection table, if the system is set up properly in accordance with the set-up instructions, and in compliance with the instructions in the operating manual, and in compliance with the instructions for achieving clear water in the pond through the addition of OASE filter starter bacteria in the defined scope.

Clear water means that fish, plants, or rocks on the pond floor are recognizable to a pond depth of 1 m below the pond surface. Ponds with string algae are not considered to be unclear, as scarcely any suspended substances are formed. Pond water is not tap water. Turbidity and colouration are always present and are also natural, and these conditions exclude a guarantee case.

 The Clear Water Guarantee is granted exclusively for ponds in the conventional sense of the term. A pond is an artificially created body of water made of liner or in a preformed pond with minimum planting of 1/3 of the water surface and is exposed to sunlight for 4 to 6 hours a day. The location of the pond is 4 m away from deciduous trees and / or conifers. For the first use and every new use in the spring the application of OASE filter starter bacteria is prerequisite. It can take up to 6 weeks until the pond is clear, depending on the burden of the pond. The filter works mechanically and biologically. Settlement of microorganisms is required for biological cleaning. Consequently the Clear Water Guarantee assumes that the pump, and thus the filter system, is operating 24 hours a day during the pond season (approximately from March to September). Excessive cleaning prevents adequate formation of microorganisms in the filter foam. If cleaned too infrequently the filter sponges cannot absorb any more pollutants, or they can only do so if the flow-through rate is significantly reduced.

Prior to submitting a guarantee claim the customer is obligated to report the deficiencies determined via the OASE Service Hotline (see below). After logging the fault, OASE will provide assistance for correction of the fault. If help cannot be provided on-site, or if the help does not bring the desired success, the customer must then inform the Hotline specified above of this situation. Then, if OASE cannot suggest any other remedy possibility that should be attempted, the customer has a claim for processing of the guarantee through the dealer, if in all other aspects OASE affirms / determines that the prerequisites of the guarantee are satisfied. Otherwise the dealer has a last opportunity to attempt to implement the consulting.

Information concerning the Clear Water Guarantee

Information is available through the OASE Hotline at:
(+49) 05 41 / 9 33 99 62 28 17
(at the standard rate from the German landline network) or directly from your 


The guarantee is invalidated if the installation instructions in the instruction manuals are not complied with, or in the case of wrong system selection, or if pond care products from other manufacturers are used, particularly if pond care products containing copper are used, or if the customer’s behaviour otherwise is in violation of the customer’s obligations. Comply with the service and maintenance instructions in the instruction manual.


Frequent causes for unclear water 

  • Failure to replace parts subject to wear, e.g. UVC bulb or filter foams 
  • The height difference between the water surface and the highest point in the pressure system is greater than 1 m (assumed value in the OASE selection tables)
  • Pressure losses due to excessive hose lengths or a hose diameter that is too narrow
  • Missing inlet barrier (capillary barrier), surface water flushes mud and / or fertiliser (nitrogen, lawn fertiliser etc.) into the pond from the garden
  • Over-intensive feeding of fish generates nutrient loads in the pond
  • Incorrect placement of the pond results in imbalance (e.g. too much sun, too much shade)

Faulty mixing of the pond water, i.e. deficient circulation the guarantee applies for 3 years from the date of purchase from the OASE dealer (first purchase, not for resale of the new product). A directory of OASE dealers is available at www.oase-livingwater.com.


In the case of a guarantee claim the dealer refunds the purchase price paid for the product against submission of the original purchase receipt and return of the defective product, if OASE has previously accepted the guarantee claim. More extensive claims arising from the Clear Water Guarantee do not exist.


The legal guarantee rights of the purchaser remain unaffected through the Clear Water Guarantee. The Clear Water Guarantee can be acquired either through online registration or via the Hotline. Please register quickly and conveniently on the Internet within 3 months of the purchase date at: https://www.oase-livingwater.com/de_DE/klarwassergarantie/ or within the same period call our OASE  Hotline +44 (0) 1256 896886 (at the standard rate from the German Landline Network).


Our Data Protection Policy (www.oase-livingwater.com/de/datenschutz) applies for the data we collect for guarantee processing.

Informations about the clear water guarantee

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