Características destacadas del producto

  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Appealing design

Detalles de producto

Toma de tierra + caja de control

La versión 230 V se suministra, con la caja de control, lista para conectar.

Clavija CEE + interruptor de protección

La versión 400 V incluye clavija CEE de 5-conectores y un interruptor de protección del motor


Two different motor power ratings with regulation-conformant earthed plugs (230 V) and motor circuit breaker or CEE plug (400 V) offer solutions for different bodies of water and conditions. Optimized water pressure creates impressive heights for the four available nozzle patterns that can be changed in no time. The easy-to-install illumination sets provide impressive lighting of the water patterns with a height of up to 16.5 m.

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