OASE Living Water

Multi Directional Drive L 2D /DMX/02

Item number: 34318

Top product characteristics

  • Two swivel drives
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Can be controlled via DMX/RDM

Individual swiveling fountains up to 20 m high: The Multi Directional Drive L 2D /DMX/02 is a swivel drive with two axes and fascinate with phenomenal, dynamic water effects with fountain heights of up to 20 m.

With a pivoting range of max. 200° on the X-axis and max. 140° on the Y-axis, the Multi Directional Drive L (MDD L 2D) is almost unlimited in its movement. This enables the creation of impressive water effects. A Fountain height of up to 20 m can even be achieved with the Comet Prec 20 - 20 nozzle.The MDD L 2D can tilt the nozzle (Comet Prec 20 - 20) to a parking position. It can be completely hidden below the water surface at a water level of 650 mm. Due to the modified design, the MDD L 2D is maintenance-optimized and the setting of the nozzle position is more precise.

Product characteristics

  • Multidimensional Drive, suitable for different nozzle patterns
  • Pivoting range up to 200° on the x-axis and 140° on the y-axis
  • Min. Water height of 450 mm, max. water height of 650 mm
  • Default setting 140° on the X-axis, 140° on the Y-axis
  • Park position: The Nozzle can be pivoted completely below the water surface at a water level of 650 mm
  • Multi Directional Drive L is suitable for Comet Prec 20 - 20 for 20 m fountain height
  • G 2"- female thread for nozzle connection, DN 65 connection pressure line
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • For fresh-, pool- and sea water
  • Controllable with a OASE DMX/RDM controller (WECS II) ( not included in scope of delivery )
  • Energy efficient motor, 24 V/ DC
  • Optimized for maintenance


Technical data

DMX Channel 1 x axe Position
DMX Channel 2 x axe Fine
DMX Channel 3 x axe Speed
DMX Channel 4 x axe Function
DMX Channel 1 y axe Position
DMX Channel 2 y axe Fine
DMX Channel 3 y axe Speed
DMX Channel 4 y axe Function
Max. operating pressure bar 3.5
Water level min. mm 450
Waterlevel max. mm 650
Waterlevel Parking Position mm 650
Swing Range - Factory ° 140/140
Swing Range - adjustable ° 200/140
Swing Speed max. °/sec. 72.00
Connection Nozzle mm 38
Pressure-side connection 2 ½"
Pressure-side connection mm 64
Power consumption W 53
Rated voltage 24 V / DC
Rated current A 2.2
Power connection type Power-Box 24 V DC /01
RDM-DMX connection type DMX-Box /01
Protection class IP 68
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 744 x 543 x 630
Material Stainless steel 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti)
Net weight kg 62.80
Item number 34318
EAN 4010052343181

Technical details