OASE Living Water

DMX Bridge

Item number: 77882

Top product characteristics

  • Patented underwater plug connection for DMX
  • Plug/socket connection
  • Watertight, in accordance with IP 68 protection rating

The DMX bridge effectively prevents longer downtimes of the fountain system. If a DMX-controlled component of the SplashKit or another fountain system fails, the DMX bridge ensures that the DMX line is not interrupted – and the rest of the system continues to run as usual. Thanks to the patented underwater-safe OASE ProNect connection, the bridge can be installed easily and safely.

Product characteristics

  • Ensures operation of the system even in the event of failure/replacement of a bus node
  • Looping of the DMX signal
  • Safe and easy connection thanks to the OASE ProNect connection system

Technical data

Net weight kg 0.04
Item number 77882
EAN 4010052778822

Technical details