OASE Living Water

Mardan Palace

Country Turkey
City/Region Antalya
Description 2 separate water landscapes around a 5 star hotel. One entrance fountain and one at the beach side.
Special Features / Additional Information Multimedia architectural outdoor water features, individually controlled by OASE Show Controller
Year of completion 2008



ft mardanpalace 001 ft mardanpalace 002 ft mardanpalace 003
ft mardanpalace 004 ft mardanpalace 005 ft mardanpalace 006
ft mardanpalace 007 ft mardanpalace 008 ft mardanpalace 009
ft mardanpalace 010 ft mardanpalace 011 ft mardanpalace 012
ft mardanpalace 013 ft mardanpalace 014 ft mardanpalace 015
ft mardanpalace 016 ft mardanpalace 017 ft mardanpalace 018
ft mardanpalace 019 ft mardanpalace 020 ft mardanpalace 021
ft mardanpalace 022 ft mardanpalace 023 ft mardanpalace 024
ft mardanpalace 025 ft mardanpalace 026 ft mardanpalace 027
ft mardanpalace 028 ft mardanpalace 029 ft mardanpalace 030
ft mardanpalace 031 ft mardanpalace 032 ft mardanpalace 033
ft mardanpalace 034 ft mardanpalace 035 ft mardanpalace 036
ft mardanpalace 037 ft mardanpalace 038 ft mardanpalace 039
ft mardanpalace 040    


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