OASE Living Water

ProMax Rain

Top product characteristics

  • "A cool head": Optimal thermal dissipation even at low water level thanks to the design that ensures water flows around the motor housing
  • Easy operation: Provided connection pieces and a kink protection element for a 1/2" hose enable fast and easy installation
  • No debris particles in the hose system: Low-wear filter grille with incorporated fine stainless steel mesh protects the hose, garden shower, and similar attachments from clogging. Thanks to the bayonet closure, simply back-flush

Product details

Effective particle trap

Fine filter sieve prevents dirt from being suctioned and blocking cables and pouring units

Clever handle

Easy pump suspension

Kink protection and hose bracket

Delivery includes hose kink protection which is also useful for mounting an 1/2" hose onto the edge of the rainwater barrel

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