ProfiRing LED 320 /DMX/02

Item number: 50718

Top product characteristics

  • Energy-efficient LED RGB ring spotlight
  • Wet and dry installation - watertight, in accordance with IP 68 protection rating
  • RDM-DMX capable with underwater LED driver

The ProfiRing is developed specifically to illuminate fountains. Nozzles can be integrated in the middle of the LED light. Thus attractive symmetric illumination with continuously changing colour nuances is produced.

The ProfiRing LED is mainly used in the pool directly under the water surface. These LED lights have temperature regulation and overheating protection so that dry installation is also possible. However these vibrant colour wonders show their full potential when combined with the Varionaut-pumps or the Vario-Switch system. In combination they pave the way for a completely new composition of open space and fountain installation. The new generation of LED-RGB light comes with highquality stainless steel housing for fresh-, pool- and saltwater
The basic colours of the LED-RGB-lights are each measured for their brightness. Our OASE LED-Driver
The Underwater LED Driver

In case of underwater application, an intelligent heat management and quality LED enables a lifetime of up to 100,000 hrs. This claim does not entitle to a guarantee.

Product characteristics

  • Energy efficient LED-RGB-light with a center hole D = 22 mm
  • Nozzle lamp locking
  • 573 Lumen with a narrow beam angle of 16°, max. 16 Watt
  • Temperature controlled high quality LED for an extra-long life of up to 100,000 h.*
  • Wet and dry installation - water proof in accor dance with IP68
  • For fresh-, pool- and sea water
  • External electronic in a separate control box / junction box - waterproof connector, easy to connect.
  • DMX/RDM-capable in combination with the Underwater LED Driver/DMX/02 (50720)
  • Individual measurement of the basic colours of the LED-RGB lights and the use of the Underwater LED Driver/DMX/02 (50720) guarantees equal brightness of all lights in the system and a homogeneous colour combination
  • Galvanic isolation between the DMX and 24V DC power

Technical data

Luminous flux with all on lm 573
Luminous flux red lm 172
Luminous flux green lm 307
Luminous flux blue lm 94
Beam angle 16 Degrees
Stroboscope effect No
Energy efficiency class light fixture A
Weighted energy consumption kWh/1000h 17.6
Rated voltage 24 V / DC
Power consumption W 16
Dim frequency Hz 500
Power connection type Hybrid plug
Power cable length m 1.00
Protection class IP 68
Dimensions (Ø x H) mm 125 x 30
Material Stainless steel
Net weight kg 1.13
Item number 50718
EAN 4010052507187

Technical details