Underwater LED Driver /DMX/02

Item number: 50720

Top product characteristics

  • Underwater LED driver – watertight, in accordance with IP 68
  • DMX-RDM capable
  • Suitable for sea water

The Underwater LED Driver/DMX/02 is the driver for LED-RGB(W) light: Up to 4 lights can be controlled individually.

The LED-RGB (W) lights in combination with the Underwater LED Driver can be controlled via DMX/RDM. They send back information like running time to the electrical controller. These status signals enable remote diagnosis and remote maintenance. This is the service concept for the future. Due to its robust construction, the whole system is suitable for fresh water, pool water and sea water applications

Product characteristics

  • Controller for LED-light
  • Underwater LED control for: ProfiLux LED 110/DMX/02 (56267); ProfiPlane LED 110/DMX/02 (56298), ProfiLux LED 320/DMX/02 (50717), ProfiRing LED 320/DMX/02 (50718), ProfiPlane LED 320/DMX/02 (50719), ProfiLux LED Spot 1500/DMX/02 (56388), ProfiLux LED Flood 1500/DMX/02 (56391)
  • Input: 1 x 24 V DC; 1 x DMX-RDM
  • Up to 4 LED Spots
  • Individually controllable via DMX/RDM
  • Protection class IP 68
  • With patented underwater connection technology

Technical details