OASE Living Water

Configure your embedded SplashKit.

With the OASE SplashKit, you have the possibility to plan and design splash deck fountains to suit your individual needs. Depending on the technical or design requirements, the embedded method of installation of the SplashKit may be best for you.

We have compiled these steps for you to easily select the individual components of the SplashKit.

Simply make the right choice for you in every step:

1st step: The fountain nozzle

Orb Nozzle
Item number: 77879

2nd step: The lighting

SplashKit LED XL RGrBW round /DMX/02
Item number: 77883
SplashKit LED XL RGrBW square /DMX/02
Item number: 84839
SplashKit LED XL RGrBW recessed /DMX/02
Item number: 84882

3rd step: The water switch


Item number: 77878
SplashCore NPT /DMX/02
Item number: 84837

4th step: The connection system

ProNect Transition Box
Item number: 77880

5th step: The installation equipment

Item number: 77881

6th step: The accessories

Item number: 85579
DMX Bridge
Item number: 77882