OASE Living Water

HighLine Premium LED 100

Item number: 33895

Top product characteristics

  • The LEDs come with a pre-programmed lighting scenario and can be adjusted as required using the EAC Aquarium Controller
  • Wide colour spectrum and natural sunlight simulation for healthy plant growth
  • Ideal light output up to the last hour thanks to sophisticated heat management and constant luminous flux technology

Product characteristics

  • Natural light effects: Ideal for the different lighting requirements of animals and plants
  • Rich colours: Four LED colours (neutral white, cold white, royal blue, red) form a wide colour spectrum
  • Durable quality: 100 % waterproof construction (IP68) protects LEDs against external influences – and users from having to make new purchases
  • Constant brightness: Thanks to state-of-the-art lighting technology, the OASE HighLine Premium LEDs provide consistently bright light for almost their entire service life
  • State-of-the-art modules: The latest LED technology with high energy efficiency
  • Optimum illumination: The LEDs create the ideal illumination for aquarium worlds
  • From simple to customised: A variety of control options allow individual requirements to be implemented
  • Segment control: Control the colour and intensity of individual segments

Technical data

Lamp power consumption 83 W
Energy efficiency class light fixture <span class="CBPRINT"><span class="sternhochgestellt">*1</span></span> A
Weighted energy consumption per lamp kWh/1000h 55
Protection class IP 68
Rated voltage 24 V / DC
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1040 x 100 x 15
Min. length of universal adapter mm 1000
Max. length of universal adapter mm 1200
Power cable length m 3.00
Net weight kg 1.60
Guarantee (+ request guarantee) <span class="CBPRINT"><span class="sternhochgestellt">*</span></span> Years 3 + 1
EAC-compatible Yes
Suitable for HighLine 300
Bulb type High Power SMD LEDs
White (4000 K), White (6000 K), red, Royal blue
Luminous flux with all on lm 2980
Luminous flux neutral white lm 1370
Luminous flux cold white lm 1360
Luminous flux red lm 210
Wavelength of red light nm 660
Luminous flux blue lm 230
Wavelength of blue light nm 470
Beam angle 120 degrees
Suitable for freshwater Yes
Suitable for saltwater No
Item number 33895
EAN 4010052338958


Installation accessories:

Also available: Swing adapter for LED installation over open tanks and cable suspension set for the cover. The universal adapter is included with delivery. (Page <cbpagelink offset="1" page="$KT-PKIA2020DE-$KP-AQUIENBELEUCHTUNG-$PG-HIGHLINEPREMIUMLEDZUBEHOER"/>)

Easy Aquarium Control (EAC):

Pre-set lighting sequences via the app or control them spontaneously with the super-fast EAC Aquarium Controller.

Light at the touch of a button:

The IR Control Set with handy remote control and pre-set daily schedules controls the colour and brightness of up to six LEDs. (Page <cbpagelink offset="1" page="$KT-PKIA2020DE-$KP-AQUIENBELEUCHTUNG-$PG-IRCONTROLSET"/>)

Spare parts

Position Item no. Product name Number
1 36214 Aluminium pipe HighLine LED 1
2 36215 Holder flat HighLine LED 1
3 70073 Cylinder screw V4A DIN 84 M4 x 10 1