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An extensive assortment of aquariums and accessories. Here you can experience our aquariums in different sizes, filters, pumps and much more.

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We have put together tips and advice for you in all aspects of the topic aquarium so that you know what must be done and can go away for a while without worry.



Do you have any questions concerning the topic Aquaristic? Here you will find information on set-up, technology and optimal care of your aquarium.


Aquaristic for both novices and pros...

Pure design, pure convenience and pure lifestyle – as a brand manufacturer with experience, competence and the highest quality standards, OASE also sets standards of innovation and performance in the aquaristic segment. OASE Aquaristic offers competence and experience from the big world of ponds for the home aquarium as well. With the innovations and the versatile products, experienced aquarists, as well as novice aquarists, create fascinating aquarium worlds and they do it with no compromises: First-class products in outstanding quality, and a solution that fits each customer individually, this is our recipe for success. Experience genuine harmony with nature: Aquaristic, understood as more than a hobby, but rather as lifestyle.

Choosing the right aquarium...

When selecting an aquarium, the questions concerning the space available in your home/facilities, and the type of fish must first be clarified since the size of the aquarium depends on the answers.
Our assortment includes aquariums in different shapes and sizes: From the space-saving Nano-Aquarium from BiOrb to the large OASE HighLine aquarium tanks with matching bask cabinet. In this regard our aquariums are uniformly suitable for freshwater and saltwater. Also with regard to shape, OASE offers different models with a stylish design.

A large selection of aquarium accessories...

We offer an extensive assortment of aquaristic supplies: In addition to our aquariums in different sizes and matching base cabinets, we supply the aquarium furnishings with suitable aquarium technology, such as low-maintenance filters, (internal filters / external filters), pumps (aquarium pumps / air pumps, UVC clarifiers, adjustable heaters, automatic fish feeders and various cleaning accessories (including nets, glass cleaners, thermometers).

Suitable decoration for aquariums...

Do you want to refurnish your aquarium and are you still looking for the suitable aquarium decoration? The OASE biOrb products provide remedies in this regard: Whether aquarium plants, plant balls, star fish, shells, moss-covered rocks or pebbles, coral, roots, anchors, rocks, and a variety of other ornaments – we have something for every taste! All ornamental elements are artistically replicated and thus environmentally friendly!