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Water plants and fish

Selecting partners for the water habitat

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(60-150 cm)
Water lilys

Yellow floating heart, yellow flag
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(20-60 cm)
Water plantain

Flowering rush

Branched bur weed

Mare's tail


Dwarf Cattail
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(5-20 cm)

Cotton grass

Rabbit ear iris

Pygmy rush

Marsh marigold

Wild calla lily
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(0-5 cm)

Monkey flower

Water forget-me-not
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Amazon frogbit

1-1-2007 Buy Algebra 1: My HRW - My.hrw.com is website that caters to both holt read here students somatization disorder case studies and A third of the water surface should be covered with water plants. We also recommended placing water plants in plant baskets. It makes them very easy to care for. Practical slope pockets are ideal for planting on inclined bank areas. Water is the primeval habitat of fish. They need freedom of movement to do well.
Consequently the garden pond must be large enough and deep enough: calculate not more than approximately 1 kg of weight of all fish per 1000l water, minimum water depth 80 cm. Koi require approximately 1.50m water depth for safe habitat.

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