Biosys and Proficlear

Filter systems

Perfect team performance - everything clear

Be sure when selecting your filter system. Rely on a strong system that is perfectly matched.

We have first class systems for you that can simply and specifically bring your pond into the Champion's League, with clear, healthy water, and that can bring your pond up to that high level every season.

In this regard it doesn't matter what size your pond is, or whether you have goldfish or koi - our filter systems satisfy all requirements. You can put your dream team together, or you can rely on complete sets. Special filter pumps; Aquamax, Promax, and Profimax, are always part of the match.

They even displace heavily polluted pond water with no problem. In these systems green algae and pathogens are called off-side - important prerequisites for sustainably clear ponds with perfect water quality.

Successful performance is then rounded off with a Biotec flow-through filter or in our Proficlear module filters for particularly large waterscapes, and more demanding koi ponds. Here the pond water is thoroughly filtered and excess nutrients are broken down biologically.

The result is masterful:
a safe permanent subscription for unclouded water enjoyment!


Professional tip!

»Let your filter system run continuously from the first warm days in spring to the first cold nights in autumn. Don't switch it off evenfor short periods. Microorganisms that live by removing nutrients from the pond water require a constant flow of water. You should biologically activate your filter system with starter bacteria at initial start-up and every subsequent start-up in spring, when the water temperature has reached 10 to 12 degrees Celsius!«