OASE Living Water

Fountain pumps

and fountain nozzles

The lively fun makers

In Neptune's kingdom fountain pumps and fountain nozzles are responsible for fun and fitness. They allow the water to make joyful leaps and to replenish a healthy share of oxygen with each movement. The merry play of water is a delight to the eye. The acrobatic movements that water performs in the air also benefit the biological balance in garden ponds. They ensure bubbling freshness.

There is a suitable fountain pump for every pond size and for every desire.

Fountains that float on the pond's surface also offer a lot of fun. These practical floating fountains are independent of substrate condition and depth of the garden pond. To a certain extent they function as free-roaming water acrobats effortlessly juggling the water everywhere.


Professional tip!

»Fountains become more beautiful, the better they harmonise with the size of the garden pond. This is particularly true for high-flying water fun. A fountain should not exceed a height where the water may not land completely in the pond. The influence of shifting winds should be taken into consideration. Rule of thumb: maximum fountain height equals the minimum distance to the nearest pond edge. Manually controlled and electronically controlled fountain pumps are quite practical.«