OASE Living Water

Statuary fountains

and indoor fountains

Water offers fascination even where space is at a premium: On the window sill in the living room, on the balcony, and in the conservatory. The patio is a possibility and the garden of course. There are beautiful fountains for every water wish, from small to large, decorative statues and cute water spouts. Hobbyists and tinkerers will find a lot of creative leisure time here. Many people invest a lot of love and fantasy in building and designing their "jewels", as their personal taste dictates.

Moving water breathes life into fountains and statues. Aquarius Universal statuary and indoor fountain pumps have been specifically developed for this purpose. They are built to be very compact. They can fit comfortably in the smallest fountain on the window sill and in the most narrow water reservoir of a statue.

It is also practical: The low-level suction of this pump range require little water.

It fully suffices if only their feet are in the water. If you would like something larger and want to move more water, simply choose a more powerful model.

The Aquarius Universal range offers all possibilities. The largest pumps of the small range can even be dry-installed. This is quite practical; it means that these pumps are independent of the water reservoir.


Professional tip!

»Pumps that can be dry-installed are also absolutely safe in operation, if theyare not in the water. However this does not mean that these pumps should be allowed to run dry. This must be expressly avoided! This is why a pump set up out of the water must always be placed below the water level. Ensure thatthe flow from the water reservoir is unobstructed. Self-priming does not take place. There must always be enough residual water in the water reservoir that the pump itself cannot run dry, evenwhen the water flows over a statue or from a fountain. This is particularly important in summer!«