OASE Living Water

InScenio EGC Controller

Schematic diagram: InScenio EGC Controller networked with router and EGC-capable OASE devices

Top product characteristics

  • Innovation for device control in the garden with WiFi, via tablet, or smart phone.
  • Connection possibility for up to 10 EGC-capable OASE end devices (e.g. AquaMax Eco Expert)
  • Bidirectional, intelligent communication solution between pumps, drum filters and illumination.

Product details

Integrated WiFi antenna

WiFi connection technology lets you easily, conveniently and quickly read out and regulate the capacity information of your garden devices via smart phone or tablet. And you can do it with a range of up to 80 m (with unobstructed signal transmission).

Fastening material

The flexible fastening material for fixing in the ground or for wall installation is included in the scope of delivery.


The housing has an IP 68 waterproof rating to a depth of 0.1 m. All-season outdoor use is possible.

EGC connection

The controller is equipped with a 2 m EGC cable and EGC connection. This controller is the interface to the EGC-capable OASE devices (pumps, filters, and illumination). An end resistor is also included in the scope of delivery.


The OASE Easy Control app  is programmed for mobile devices with and Android. As soon as updates are available there is an automatic notification for the free download. To ensure the best possible range of the WiFi connection (2.4 GHz) from the device or router, make sure there is an unobstructed view between the smart phone / tablet and the EGC controller. Greater distances can be achieved through off-the-shelf repeaters.

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